Ethics and Sustainability At Ctrl+P

In this world of fast fashion, we believe that to do what you can is the best place to start.

The fashion industry has a very long and hard road ahead of it to become one that doesn’t harm our planet or the people on it.

We are not perfect but we are always striving to improve.


How exactly do we do this?

Sourcing and manufacturing - We partnered with a local start-up who works and aims to create a self sustainable community through empowering women.

Designing and printing- All the designs are illustrated and designed by the founder (me😚 aka the person behind ctrl+p)

Printing and inventory - An important part of our mission is to minimize the impact our Operations have on environment , with that In mind, we keep our stock very limited for embroidered T-shirts and every single order placed is printed in-house with much love , on demand. This allows us to prevent waste due to overstocking.

Fewer, better” approach to clothing. Buy fewer, more wonderful things.

Packaging: we pack our products in paper/biodegradable packaging.