The Founder

Heluuu! Let me introduce myself

puji avuthu

I am puji (they/them) , I am silly, trans, queer and a Neurodivergent artist and the founder of CTRL+P. I love print, love letters, art and cute lil things.

A lil Letter to you:

I started CTRL+P as a passion to ethically create fun, joyful and subtle things that my gay heart needed. In 2020, as a closeted queer, I wanted to create representation I wanted to see in the world. Through Ctrl+P, I was able to express myself through art, print and content. 

CTRL+P is an outlet for me to be myself and form a community my my cute lil town.

I was able to educate and inspire people through the products I have created and now am out and proud and ready to fight for what is ours. my sappy heart melts when I receive messages and emails about how our products have connected people in their classrooms and offices.

I am here to honour those who have fought for us and create a better world for us and our future generation and also here to make our lifes joyful.